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Reshaping the Fibre: the Evolution of Wearing Cashmere


MUUSA aims to be part of the highly-esteemed protagonists of Italy’s “Cashmere made in Umbria” hub

integrating superior yarns and master craftsmanship to ensure clothes of the highest quality

                                          that meet the finest standards of Italian fashion with corporate responsibility for the environment’s welfare.

                                                                                The ethereal and ultra-soft fibres are in basic and seasonal colours.



Preserving the resources of the planet is of prime importance and so is maintaining high quality and durability of the products. For packaging, marketing and promotional materials, all the paper used is Made in Italy and certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which is in line with the strict code of ethics of MUUSA and of our suppliers. For each tree used, another is being replanted. 





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