Excellence of master craftsmanship in cashmere production ~ Fibres from this region are thus deeply intertwined within every knot of the precious cashmere. 



Set between Florence and Rome, Umbria is known as the green heart of Italy, a land of lush landscapes, waterfalls, vine-valleys, olive groves and magical forests. It’s a historical gem that preserves secluded ancient hill-towns, medieval palazzi and magnificent churches amongst untouched nature. It is home to some enchanting historical cities like Perugia, Gubbio, Spoleto and the world heritage site of Assisi - the cherished town of Saint Francis, placed on the mystical map for being so rich in spirituality.


Umbria is also known for its artistic legacy, from famous bottegas, gourmet cuisines, Sagrantino wine and for the finest cashmere production - crafted by master artisans whose families have been knitting the precious yarn for generations. The purity of the water serves as the ideal processing requisite for the luxuriant fibre so that it can reach the desired ethereal softness. Today the Umbrian cashmere district is a unique hub where reputable ateliers have set a standard for celebrating the heritage of Italian crafts. This recognition for excellence has received the highest accolades and honour in the luxury fashion industry.